Dynamical Biostatistical Models presents statistical models and methods for the analysis of longitudinal data. The book focuses on models for analyzing repeated measures of quantitative and qualitative variables and events history, including survival and multistate models. Most of the advanced methods, such as multistate and joint models, can be ap

chapter 1|6 pages

- Introduction

part |2 pages

I Classical Biostatistical Models

chapter 2|20 pages

- Inference

chapter 3|34 pages

- Survival analysis

chapter 4|42 pages

- Models for longitudinal data

part |2 pages

II Advanced Biostatistical Models

chapter 5|32 pages

- Extensions of mixed models

chapter 6|36 pages

- Advanced survival models

chapter 7|36 pages

- Multistate models

chapter 9|48 pages

- The dynamic approach to causality

chapter 10|40 pages

- Appendix: software