A research paper or graduate essay demonstrating weak English and poor formatting is likely to be rejected by an editor or marked down by an assessor; but why should these gaps in your English knowledge undermine your subject knowledge and skill as an engineer or student of the discipline?

Written English: A Guide for Electrical and Electronic Students and Engineers is the first resource to work at the sentence level to resolve the English language problems facing international engineering students and scholars. Informed by hundreds of research papers and student essays, this valuable reference:

  • Covers grammar essentials and key terms in the fields of electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and communication systems
  • Uses real-world examples to reveal common mistakes and identify critical areas of focus
  • Provides practical solutions to formatting, vocabulary, and stylistic issues

Written English: A Guide for Electrical and Electronic Students and Engineers equips readers with the necessary knowledge to produce accurate and effective English when writing for engineering.

section I|72 pages

Section I Grammar

chapter 1|6 pages


chapter 2|12 pages


chapter 3|6 pages

Pronouns and quantifiers

chapter 4|4 pages

Subject/verb agreement

chapter 5|6 pages


chapter 6|4 pages

The verb ‘to be’

chapter 7|4 pages

Modal verbs

chapter 8|4 pages

Phrasal verbs

chapter 9|8 pages

Adjectives and adverbs

chapter 10|4 pages


chapter 11|8 pages


chapter 12|4 pages

12 Prefixes

section II|46 pages

Style and punctuation

chapter 13|8 pages

Style: Clarity and brevity

chapter 14|6 pages

Style: Voice and verb choice

chapter 15|6 pages


chapter 16|6 pages

Time and duration

chapter 17|4 pages


chapter 18|4 pages

Spelling form

chapter 19|4 pages


chapter 20|6 pages

Colons, parentheses, dashes…

section III|22 pages

Data and referencing

chapter 21|4 pages

Figures and tables

chapter 22|6 pages

Numbers and units

chapter 23|6 pages


chapter 24|4 pages


section IV|50 pages

A–Z list of errors

chapter A|48 pages

–Z list of errors