The popularity of germ-free animal models, particularly mice, for investigation of human physiology and disease has recently exploded. Gnotobiotic Mouse Technology: An Illustrated Guide provides the first manual for the maintenance, husbandry, and experimental manipulation of germ-free and gnotobiotic mice. It includes information on all aspects of

chapter 1|4 pages

A Brief History of Germ-Free Life

chapter 2|6 pages

Overview of Gnotobiotic Technology

chapter 3|8 pages

Equipment and Terminology

chapter 4|8 pages

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

chapter 5|12 pages

Sterilants and Sterilization

chapter 6|62 pages

Isolator Setup

chapter 7|8 pages

Port Entry and Exit

chapter 8|20 pages

Sterilizing Food and Supplies

chapter 9|10 pages

Supply Cylinder Entry

chapter 10|16 pages

Isolator Maintenance

chapter 11|6 pages

Aseptic Mouse Transfer

chapter 13|10 pages

Shipping Mice

chapter 14|8 pages


chapter 15|16 pages

Microbiological Testing

chapter 16|4 pages

Genetic Testing

chapter 17|14 pages

Record Keeping

chapter 18|8 pages

Facility Setup and Management