Examines the Low Resistivity, High Mobility, and Zero Bandgap of GrapheneThe Graphene Science Handbook is a six-volume set that describes graphene's special structural, electrical, and chemical properties. The book considers how these properties can be used in different applications (including the development of batteries, fuel cells, photovoltaic

part |2 pages

SECTION I Atomic Arrangement and Defects

chapter 1|18 pages

Graphene Heterostructures

chapter 10|6 pages

Symmetry and Topology of Graphenes

part |2 pages

SECTION III Characterization

chapter 17|14 pages

3D Macroscopic Graphene Assemblies

chapter 21|8 pages

Scanning Electron Microscopy of Graphene

part |2 pages

SECTION IV Recent Advances

chapter 32|12 pages

Graphene-Based Hybrid Composites

chapter 34|14 pages

Magnetocaloric Effect of Graphenes