This book summarizes and analyzes the biology, ecology, exploitation and management of small cetaceans in Japan. It describes the various types of cetacean fisheries in Japan and their historical development, the life histories and ecologies of the main species involved, and the history and problems of conservation and management. The data show that in some cases the number of small cetaceans harvested exceed sustainable limits and have led to depletion of populations. The book provides a case study of what can go wrong when the needs of industry and conservation collide. The descriptions of life history and ecology are relevant to issues of conservation and management, not just for cetaceans, but for all fisheries around the world.

part |2 pages

SECTION I History of Japanese Cetacean Fisheries

chapter 3|44 pages

Drive Fisheries for Dolphins

chapter 4|6 pages

Small-Type Whaling

chapter 5|10 pages

Management of Cetacean Fisheries in Japan

part |2 pages


chapter 8|46 pages

Finless Porpoise

chapter 9|46 pages

Dall’s Porpoise

chapter 10|38 pages

Striped Dolphin

chapter 11|32 pages

Bottlenose Dolphins

chapter 12|80 pages

Short-Finned Pilot Whale

chapter 13|42 pages

1 Description

chapter 14|8 pages

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin

chapter 15|18 pages

Cetacean Conservation and Biologists