Introduction to PCM Telemetering Systems, Third Edition summarizes the techniques and terminology used in sending data and control information between users and the instruments that collect and process the data. Fully revised, it gives an overall systems introduction to the relevant topics in three primary areas: system interfaces; data transport, timing, and synchronization; and data transmission techniques. Integrating relevant information about the process at all levels from the user interface down to the transmission channel, this will also include how designers apply relevant industry and government standards at each level in this process. Homework problems are included at the end of each chapter.

chapter 1|13 pages


section I|229 pages

System Elements

chapter 2|45 pages

Measurement Technology

chapter 3|47 pages

Modeling and Calibration

chapter 4|60 pages

Computing System Elements

chapter 5|63 pages

Signal Processing

section II|179 pages

Data Transport, Timing, and Synchronization

chapter 6|61 pages

Telemetry Frames and Packets

chapter 7|37 pages

Data Synchronization

chapter 8|38 pages

Time and position determination

chapter 9|31 pages

Telecommand Transmission Systems

section |147 pages

Data Transmission Techniques

chapter 10|61 pages

Modulation Techniques

chapter 11|79 pages

Microwave Transmission