This book provides a balanced discussion about the wastewater generated by hydraulic fracturing operations, and how to manage it. It includes an in-depth discussion of the hydraulic fracturing process, the resulting water cycle, and the potential risks to groundwater, soil, and air. The “fracking” process involves numerous chemicals that could potentially harm human health and the environment, especially if they enter and contaminate drinking water supplies. Treatment, reuse, and disposal options are the focus, and several case studies will be presented. The book also discusses the issues of the large amounts of water required for drilling operations, the impacts on water-sensitive regions.

section 1|17 pages


chapter 1|15 pages

When an End Was a Beginning

section 2|55 pages

Fracking Process and Produced Wastewater

chapter 2|19 pages

Hydraulic Fracking:The Process

chapter 3|8 pages

Fracking Water Supply

chapter 4|25 pages

Composition of Fracking Water

section 3|63 pages

Fracking Water Management Choices

chapter 5|6 pages

Fracking Wastewater Treatment

chapter 6|18 pages

Produced Wastewater Treatment Technology

chapter 7|37 pages


section 4|69 pages

Produced Wastewater Disposal

chapter 8|26 pages

Surface Water Disposal Options

chapter 9|10 pages

Disposal by Evaporation

chapter 10|28 pages

Injection of Produced Wastewater

chapter 11|3 pages

Offsite Treatment/Disposal

section 5|57 pages

Safety and Health Impacts of Working with Produced Wastewater

chapter 12|55 pages

Safety and Health Considerations