The revised and updated third edition of Simplified TRIZ: New Problem Solving Applications for Technical and Business Professionals, 3rd Edition continues to demystify TRIZ (systematic innovation), the internationally acclaimed problem solving technique. It demonstrates how TRIZ can be used as a stand alone methodology or used to enhance Lean, Six Sigma, and other systems of organizational improvement. Simplified TRIZ 3rd Edition once again strikes the perfect balance between overly complex and overly simplified, making the effective application of TRIZ accessible to a wide audience. In addition to numerous exercises, worksheets, and tables that further illustrate the concepts of this multinational method, this indispensible volume:

    • Presents a new model for problem solving based on four TRIZ tenets ― contradictions, resources, ideality, and patterns of evolution ― elucidated for better understanding and application
    • Contains three new chapters:
      • Functional analysis - Emphasizes a "how to" approach to functional analysis that strongly improves your ability to define the problem to be solved, radically enhancing the value of the creative solutions that TRIZ makes possible.
      • Innovative solutions for difficult challenges – Two detailed case studies sharing the experiences in solving challenging problems in innovative ways
      • Systematic Innovation on the fly – How to utilize individual innovation tools for quick innovative effect

    • Multiple other new case studies throughout
    • The addition of Lean in the chapter on integrated methodologies
    • More links between chapters increasing the understanding of application
    • More application examples demonstrating application techniques of professionals
    • Clarifies how the patterns of evolution are used to generate both "what-if" scenarios, and real-world forecasts with remarkable accuracy.
    • Illustrates how small and large companies, government agencies, and other groups of people are using TRIZ and achieving significant results and gives you step-by-step instructions on bringing TRIZ into your organization.

With the valuable tools explained within these pages you will be able to find innovative solutions to problems, understand the natural evolution of systems, and develop more and better ideas faster.

chapter |24 pages

Clarify the Tradeoff behind a Problem

chapter |13 pages

Mapping Invisible Resources

chapter |5 pages

Enriching the Model for Problem Solving

chapter |4 pages

TRIZ Knowledge Helps Drive Improvement

chapter |1 pages

Get Started

chapter |3 pages