The new realities are here. Virtual and Augmented realities and 360 video technologies are rapidly entering our homes and office spaces. Good quality audio has always been important to the user experience, but in the new realities, it is more than important, it’s essential. If the audio doesn’t work, the immersion of the experience fails and the cracks in the new reality start to show.

This practical guide helps you navigate the challenges and pitfalls of designing audio for these new realities. This technology is different from anything we’ve seen before and requires an entirely new approach; this book will introduce the broad concepts you need to know before delving into the practical detail you need.


Key Features

  • This book covers audio for all types of new reality technology. At the moment, VR and 360 video are getting a lot of press, but in a few years we will be hearing a lot more about Augmented and Mixed reality technologies as well.
  • A practical guide to creating, designing and implementing audio for this new technology by a leading sound design and implementation expert.
  • Conceptual explanations address the new approaches necessary to designing effective audio for the new realities.
  • Real-world examples and analysis of what does and does not work including detailed case study discussions.
  • chapter 1|14 pages

    new realities

    chapter 2|36 pages

    definitions and core concepts

    chapter 10|12 pages

    roadmap for the future: what do we do next?