Energy and the Environment explains in simple terms what the energy demand is at the present, what the environmental effects of energy use are, and what can be accomplished to alleviate the environmental effects of energy use and ensure adequate energy supply. Though technical in approach, the text uses simple explanations of engineering processes and systems and algebra-based math to be comprehensible to students in a range of disciplines. Schematic diagrams, quantitative examples, and numerous problems will help students make quantitative calculations. This will assist them in comprehending the complexity of the energy-environment balance, and to analyze and evaluate proposed solutions.

chapter 1|34 pages

Fundamental Concepts

chapter 2|36 pages

Energy Demand and Supply

chapter 4|36 pages

Fossil Fuels

chapter 5|44 pages

Nuclear Energy

chapter 6|94 pages

Renewable Energy

chapter 7|56 pages

Energy Storage

chapter 8|52 pages

Energy Conservation and Higher Efficiency