This book is intended primarily as a textbook for students studying structural engineering. It covers three main areas in the analysis and design of structural systems subjected to seismic loading: basic seismology, basic structural dynamics, and code-based calculations used to determine seismic loads from an equivalent static method and a dynamics-based method. It provides students with the skills to determine seismic effects on structural systems, and is unique in that it combines the fundamentals of structural dynamics with the latest code specifications. Each chapter contains electronic resources: image galleries, PowerPoint presentations, a solutions manual, etc.

chapter 1|18 pages


chapter 2|18 pages

Engineering Seismology Overview

chapter 4|32 pages

Response to General Loading

chapter 5|28 pages

Response Spectrum Analysis of SDOF System

chapter 6|18 pages

Generalized SDOF System Analysis

chapter 7|34 pages

Multi-Degree-of-Freedom System Analysis

chapter 8|44 pages

Seismic Code Provisions