This book explores the formation of small and medium-sized construction company's (SME) compliance with health and safety issues in developing countries. Little has been written about the formation of SME contractors' health and safety compliance for developing countries, especially, in the sub-sahara regions where construction and infrastructure development activities have significantly increased in order to serve the development mandate of those countries. Thus, this book will provides insight into construction safety for SMEs, as well as health and safety compliance, and its policy implementation trends and development.

section I|2 pages

Background Information

chapter 1|8 pages

General Introduction

section II|2 pages

Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives of Health and Safety Research

section III|2 pages

Review of the Health and Safety Compliance Literature

section IV|2 pages

Construction Industry: International Literature

chapter 4|30 pages

Construction Industry

International Literature

section V|2 pages

Occupational Health and Safety Issues in Developing Countries

section VI|2 pages

Research Methodology

chapter 8|66 pages

Research Methodology

section VII|2 pages

Results from the Delphi Study: Findings Part I

chapter 9|14 pages

Results from the Delphi Study

section VIII|2 pages

Conceptual Integrated Health and Safety Compliance Model for Small to Medium-Sized Construction Companies

section IX|2 pages

Results from the Questionnaire Survey: Findings Part II

chapter 11|84 pages

Survey Results

section X|2 pages

Discussion of Findings

chapter 12|10 pages

Discussion of Results

section XI|2 pages

Conclusions and Recommendations

chapter 13|10 pages

Conclusions and Recommendations