Now in its third successful edition, The Economics of Leisure and Tourism has been fully revised and updated to cover all the latest issues and changes, and more. Essentially a real world text in applied economics, it explains the necessary economic theories from first principles and applies them to a range of leisure and tourism problems and issues at the consumer, business, national and international level.

Key themes discussed are:
* How is the provision of leisure and tourism determined and could it be provided in a different way?
* What are the key opportunities and threats facing leisure and tourism & environmental impacts?
* How can economics be used to manage leisure and tourism?

International in its outlook, this text uses examples from Brazil, China, India and Japan, as well as Europe, North America and Australia.

With an accompanying website with links and Powerpoint resources for lecturers, this new edition provides:
* New chapters on regeneration, tourism as an economic development strategy, globalisation and ppolitical economy of tourism.
* Introduction of dependency theory and development economics theories
* Liberal use of press cuttings, journal articles and international case studies
* User friendly learning features such as: visual mapping of chapter contents, chapter objectives, summaries of key points’ short answer questions.

chapter 1|22 pages


part |2 pages

Part One Organizations and Markets

part |2 pages

Part Two Further Issues of Demand and Supply

chapter 5|23 pages

Supply and costs

part |2 pages

Part Three Markets in Practice

chapter 6|19 pages

Market structure and pricing

chapter 7|27 pages

Market intervention

part |2 pages

Part Four The External Operating Environment

part |2 pages

Part Five Investment

chapter 10|18 pages

Investment in the private sector

chapter 11|18 pages

Investment in the public sector

part |2 pages

Part Six Economic Impacts

chapter 12|26 pages

Income, employment and prices

chapter 13|24 pages

Economic development and regeneration

part |2 pages

Part Seven The Global Economy

chapter 14|24 pages

The balance of payments and exchange rates

chapter 15|22 pages


part |2 pages

Part Eight Environmental Economics

chapter 16|23 pages

Environmental impacts

chapter 17|26 pages

Action for sustainability