As the Building Regulations and Approved Documents have become more and more complex, they have become increasingly unfriendly for a professional user. Compliance is only possible by understanding a wide range of supporting documentation. Alternative approaches are implied, but not described or analysed.

This series of books on individual Documents goes far beyond analysis of the Regulations and Documents themselves, and offers practical advice on using not just the traditional routes to compliance but also on the alternative approaches suggested but not explained in the Approved Documents. The advantages and disadvantages of each form of compliance are analysed in depth.

This book examines the background to the Building Regulations, and their evolution to the complex documents of today. Inspection, enforcement and compliance are described in detail.

part |28 pages


chapter |7 pages

Series Introduction

chapter |18 pages

Brief History of Building Control

part |55 pages

Legal Background

chapter |22 pages

Controlling Legislation

chapter |31 pages

Application of the Regulations

part |90 pages


chapter |57 pages

Control Systems

chapter |15 pages

Enforcement Actions