Since the publication of 'Return on Investment in Training and Performance Improvement Programs,' many individuals have attempted to implement the ROI methodology in their organizations. Having a credible process does not guarantee that an organization will implement the process effectively throughout the various functions and divisions. 'The ROI Fieldbook' will help organizations implement ROI successfully, by providing concrete techniques, tools, strategies, and reproducible items.

Jack Phillips and Patti Phillips and their associates have helped hundreds of organizations and individuals with their ROI workshops. 'The ROI Fieldbook' provides many different strategies for tackling the critical issues of implementation. The authors examine every key barrier to implementation and suggest strategies for overcoming, minimizing, or removing the barriers.

The accompanying downloadable resources contain dozens of tools, instruments, and templates aimed at providing helpful resources for the individual or the team responsible for implementing ROI. Case studies from a variety of organizations illustrate the broad range of application and implementation. The downloadable resources also include interactive material such as "Are You Ready for ROI"—a self-assessment test. Other material includes templates for data collection, ROI analysis plan, action plan, and a cost summary sheet.

part |56 pages

Getting Started

chapter |33 pages

Status Of Roi: Trends And Issues*

chapter |20 pages

Planning Your Work

part |211 pages

Implementing the Process

chapter |57 pages

Collecting The Data You Need

chapter |40 pages

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

chapter |19 pages

Converting Benefits To Money

chapter |18 pages

Counting The Costs

chapter |22 pages

Calculating The Return On Investment

chapter |30 pages

Telling The Story

chapter |21 pages

Forecasting The Roi

part |76 pages

Three Implementation Issues

chapter |42 pages

Marking The Transition

part |34 pages

Four Staying on Track