The fully revised edition of this well-known text by an experienced author, consultant and educator follows the structure and approach which has proved so successful since its first publication in 1980. The book examines the hotel as a business
providing commercial hospitality. It focuses on markets, money and people, and uses examples from hotel operations throughout the world.

This new edition is the outcome of a thorough revision of an established text. The new material includes a comprehensive profile of the hotel business in the 1990's and includes data, quotes and extracts from a wide range of authoritative industry sources.

part |36 pages

The Concepts of Hotels and Hospitality

part |40 pages

The Structure of the Hotel Industry

chapter |11 pages

The Small Hotel

chapter |13 pages

Hotel Groups

part |33 pages

The Hotel and its Functions: Guest Services

chapter |10 pages

Rooms and Beds

chapter |13 pages

Food and Drink

part |35 pages

Hotel Support Services

chapter |14 pages


chapter |12 pages

Finance and Accounts

part |35 pages

People and Procedures

chapter |14 pages

Hotel Organization

chapter |8 pages

Hotel Staffing

chapter |12 pages

Performance in Hotels