Innovative Marketing Communications for Events Management provides students and event managers with a complete insight into the strategic and innovative marketing of events of all scales and nature. The book builds a conceptual framework for the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of innovative communication strategies for the marketing of events, and the effective use of events as an innovative communications method in general organizational marketing.

With a strong practical underpinning, Innovative Marketing Communications for Events Management emphasises to event managers the importance of effectively integrating a range of tools and techniques to communicate the event and provides them with a better understanding of how a variety of private and public sector organisations can use events within their communication strategies.

part |81 pages

Integrated Marketing Communications

part |130 pages

Communications Toolkit

chapter |23 pages

Public Relations

chapter |25 pages

E-Marketing Communications

chapter |26 pages


chapter |16 pages

Sales Promotion

part |58 pages

Events as Communications Tools

chapter |19 pages

Promotional Events

chapter |15 pages

Corporate Hospitality

part |38 pages

Ensuring Future Success