Is your website project out of control?

Every website project needs a manager. Developing Effective Websites describes Internet technologies in plain language and helps you see beyond your expertise to the big picture. It does this by drawing on established software project and management principles.

Like any project, effective management of website development starts by understanding and balancing the constraints of time, resources, and tasks. You can deliver your project on time and on budget, by following a process that includes:

· Analyzing the requirements of users and your market
· Developing a workplan for the site and breaking it down to tasks
· Scheduling with Gantt and PERT charts and measuring slippage for more accurate revisions
· Estimating cost by the budget-first or design-first methods
· Using the team development process and covering all the necessary roles
· Aligning contractor and client interests to create a win-win relationship
· Following an iterative development process for designing, prototyping, and building out
· Applying software testing principles to website development
· Making hosting decisions and planning for maintenance

chapter 1|9 pages

Project Management in Three Dimensions

chapter 2|18 pages

Technologies of the Web

chapter 3|13 pages


chapter 4|12 pages

Estimating Costs

chapter 5|18 pages

Analysis and the Project Plan

chapter 6|12 pages

The Web Development Team

chapter 7|23 pages

Contractors and Clients

chapter 8|20 pages

Designing and Prototyping

chapter 9|11 pages

Build-Out and Production

chapter 10|12 pages

Quality Assurance Testing

chapter 11|14 pages

Going Live and Beyond