Although there are many books of methods and tools in different areas, few books actually give detailed tips and lessons on how to effectively set up and manage projects. Most books on project management devote all their space to specific methods. Breakthrough Technology Project Management, Second Edition provides tangible guidelines through examples and suggestions to help people participate in and manage projects more effectively. The authors' techniques and guidelines have been proven over the past 15 years in courses and counseling. This book is a valuable tool for those working in information systems, engineering, computer science, operations and production, and other environments involving project management.

part |56 pages

Improving the Project Management Process

part |77 pages

Developing Your Project Plans

chapter |18 pages

The Project Concept

chapter |19 pages

The Right Project Leader

chapter |18 pages

Building the Project Team

chapter |19 pages

Developing the Project Plan

part |99 pages

Managing Projects

part |90 pages

How to Successfully Address Project Issues

chapter |15 pages

Business Issues

chapter |19 pages

Human Resource Issues

chapter |10 pages

Management Issues

chapter |15 pages

Technical Issues