Written for students taking courses in building and surveying, 'Estimating for Builders and Surveyors' describes and explains the method used by the estimator to build up prices or rates for items described in the SMM7 format. Each chapter is a self-contained unit related to a particular element in the building. Worked examples throughout reflect both traditional and up-to-date technology. Written by an author team of academics and professional surveyors, this book continues to be an invaluable introduction to the subject of estimating.

chapter |15 pages


chapter |28 pages

The cost of labour

chapter |14 pages

Mechanical plant

chapter |15 pages


SMM7 Section A

chapter |31 pages

Excavation and filling

SMM7 Section D2

chapter |19 pages

Concrete work

SMM7 Sections E11, E20, E30, F31

chapter |10 pages

Brickwork and blockwork

SMM7 Sections F10, F30

chapter |3 pages


SMM7 Sections C30, D50

chapter |20 pages

Roof coverings

SMM7 Sections H60, H62, H63, H71

chapter |8 pages

Asphalt work

SMM7 Sections J20, J21, M11

chapter |15 pages

Woodwork carpentry: first fixings

SMM7 Sections G20, K10, K31

chapter |9 pages

Woodwork joinery: second fixings and finishings

SMM7 Sections K11, K20, L10, L20, L30, P20, P21

chapter |3 pages

Structural steelwork and metalwork

SMM7 Sections G10, G12, Lll, L21, L31

chapter |34 pages

Plumbing installations

SMM7 Sections R10, Rll, Y10r Yll, N13

chapter |18 pages

Linings, partitions and surface finishes

SMM7 Sections K10, K31, K41, M10, M20, M30, M40

chapter |6 pages


SMM7 Sections L40

chapter |8 pages

Decorative papers and painting

SMM7 Sections M52, M60

chapter |9 pages


SMM7 Sections R12, R13

chapter |5 pages

Electrical work

SMM7 Sections V, P31

chapter |10 pages

Analogous rates

chapter |6 pages

Information technology

chapter |14 pages

Tender strategy