The Fundamentals of Advertising is widely recognized as the most comprehensive and informative introduction to the area for both professionals and students. The new edition has been fully revised and updated and provides a comprehensive coverage of the whole business of advertising and its associated promotional areas, including public relations, sales promotion and sponsorship.

The authors use a wide range of examples to illustrate their themes and an informative series of guidelines and checklists of value not only to students but to those applying the various techniques.

Topics the authors examine include: The role of the advertising agencies, Planning advertising campaigns, Setting budgets, The scope of below-the-line promotion, How advertising materials are created and produced, The issue of control in advertising, International advertising.

part |22 pages

What advertising is about

chapter |20 pages

This advertising business

chapter |13 pages

What advertising does

chapter |16 pages

How advertising happens

chapter |14 pages

Picturing the market

part |18 pages

How the advertising business functions

chapter |18 pages

Where advertising appears

part |20 pages

How advertising works in detail

chapter |18 pages

How advertising is created

chapter |17 pages

The printed media

chapter |25 pages

The broadcast media

chapter |19 pages

Other media and media terms

chapter |21 pages

Measuring advertising effectiveness I

Theories of how advertising works

chapter |14 pages

Measuring advertising effectiveness II

A review or research methods

part |28 pages

Advertising internationally