This new second edition of 'Managing People' provides a practical approach to applying up-to-the-minute management techniques, and is a vital source of information for professionals in the hotel and catering industry responsible for personnel and training.

Riley explores how aspects such as labour cost, utilization, labour market behaviour and pay are inseparable from the skills of people management. In the new edition he extends his ideas on productivity so as to encompass its relationship with functional flexibility. In a similar manner, thinking about motivating people is extended to include modern ideas about commitment. We all loosely refer to peoples' attitude but here he shows the complexity that lies behind them. It is especially of relevance for managers with responsibility for personnel and training, and degree-level students will also find its non-prescriptive, user-friendly approach helpful.

Michael Riley has extensive experience in the hotel and tourism industry and communicates in a way that reflects that experience.

chapter |7 pages


part |78 pages

People at work

chapter |16 pages


chapter |7 pages

Negative behaviour

chapter |10 pages

Groups and teams

chapter |8 pages

Understanding attitudes

chapter |5 pages

Pay is never neutral

part |63 pages

Some useful techniques

part |54 pages

Labour cost management

chapter |11 pages

How labour markets work

chapter |6 pages

Overtime and labour costs

chapter |20 pages

Pay administration

part |21 pages

Wider issues