In the post-Enron climate corporate executives are increasingly pressured to increase productivity and create an ethical, trustworthy organizational climate. 'Total Performance Scorecard' introduces a concept of organizational improvement and change management that combines the Balanced Scorecard model with the learning organization theory.

The TPS contains a personal balanced scorecard, which is tied to an organizational balanced scorecard. These scorecards reflect not only performance goals but personal learning and growth goals as well, and the organizational scorecards also address organizational climate issues. Continuous improvement, change management, 360 degree feedback, and the learning organization are theories that the TPS makes use of in a very straightforward way. If implemented, the TPS enables a company to tie personal goals to organizational goals and tie personal performance to organizational performance, all within a culture that supports integrity, personal growth, learning, and open communication. Nirvana!

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The Foundations of Total Performance Scorecard

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Total Performance Scorecard

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Reviewing and Learning

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Organizational Requirements

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Managing Change

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Organizational Culture

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