3ds Max is the leading 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution for artists, schools, and production environments. The unique tutorial approach of this book permits readers to learn essential techniques that every 3D artist needs to create CG environments by recreating the earth's elements of earth, air, fire and water. No extra plug-ins are required to perform the exercises. Draper studies the real world and then simlates it with 3ds Max -a unique approach that reflects classical art training.

"Deconstructing the Elements" allows artists to re-create natural effects using Autodesk® 3ds Max®. This new edition boasts all new tutorials. All editorial content is updated to be current with the current version of 3ds Max. Inspirational images cover every page as the author shares his professional insight, detailing the how and why of each effect, ensuring the reader a complete understanding of all the processes involved.

The companion web site includes all of the tutorials from the previous two editions, only available to purchasers of this 3rd edition - plus all new tutorials of the current edition. It's like getting 3 books in one!

part |80 pages


chapter |17 pages

Ball of Fire

chapter |18 pages

Angle Grinder

chapter |21 pages


part |70 pages


chapter |13 pages

Ice Aggregation

chapter |17 pages


chapter |18 pages


chapter |20 pages

Soap Bubbles

part |67 pages


chapter |24 pages

Mountain Weathering

chapter |14 pages


chapter |15 pages

Snow Drifts

chapter |12 pages


part |86 pages


chapter |21 pages

Bubble Stream

chapter |20 pages

Large Bubbles

chapter |28 pages


chapter |15 pages

Ray of Dusty Light