Steaming and Digital Media gives you a concise and direct analysis to understand a scalable, profitable venture, as well as the common and hidden pitfalls to avoid in your business. By focusing on both the business implications and technical differences between online video and traditional broadcast distribution, you will learn how to gain significant time-to-market and cost-saving advantages by effectively using streaming and digital media technologies. As part of the NAB Executive Technology Briefing series, the book is geared towards the manager or executive and no technical prerequisite is required. You can quickly learn the technical speak as well as the market and business implications.

New In The Book:
- Consumer generated content and portals
- Distribution of full-length video content
- New distribution outlets for delivering content (Sling, TiVO, IPTV)
- Addition of Flash streaming technology and Podcasting
- Up-to-date market research and data
- New industry pricing data

chapter |28 pages

Technology Primer

The Basics of Streaming and Digital Media

chapter |20 pages

It's Not Child's Play

Learning From the Pitfalls of the Past Three Years

chapter |18 pages

Streaming or Digital Media Project Management

How to Implement and Manage a Profitable Business

chapter |13 pages

Beyond Streaming Media

What Streaming and Digital Media Means to Other Areas of a Media Business