Providing an understanding of what is meant by quality and its unique position in a manufacturing environment to improve competitive business performance, this text defines all the fundamental ingredients required to introduce an improvement in quality. Concise and easy to read, the theory is backed up by numerous industrial experiences, illustrating the practical obstacles when implementing any quality change. Focusing on the essentials of quality (strategies, principles and techniques) designing for quality is also discussed and new techniques for assessing the risks and costs of non-conformance are introduced. The result is an insight to quality engineering that will prove invaluable to engineering students and professionals.

chapter |10 pages

The modern concept of quality

chapter |8 pages

Quality cultures

chapter |14 pages

Total quality

chapter |9 pages

External supplier quality

chapter |12 pages

Software quality

chapter |12 pages

Quality tools and techniques

chapter |18 pages

Designing for quality

chapter |6 pages

The costs of quality

chapter |6 pages

Effecting a quality change

chapter |3 pages

Future developments