This book explains how architects obtain and administer work from the moment the contract is signed, to the handing over of the finished building to the client and is an indispensible guide to all architecture students.

This second edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded. It now includes significant additions to the section on design constraints, a new section on quality assurance and management and information on new acts and regulations introduced since the publication of the first edition. Other sections on subjects such as the Building Regulations, use of computers and standard forms and letters have been brought up to date.

chapter 1|10 pages

Setting the scene

chapter 2|18 pages

Background to architectural practices

chapter 4|18 pages

Architectural practitioners and the law

chapter 5|19 pages

Technical information

chapter 6|10 pages

General office practice

chapter 7|30 pages

Design constraints

chapter 8|32 pages

General design procedures

chapter 9|25 pages

Pre-contract procedures

chapter 10|19 pages

Contract procedures

chapter 11|71 pages

Standard documentation