Materials for Engineering provides a straightforward introduction for pre-degree level students and technician engineers. A clear, accessible text is supported by learning summaries, examples and practice questions.

This book is designed to help students develop a clear understanding of:
* Properties and testing of materials
* The relationship of the properties and structure of materials
* How properties change with modifications in composition, structure and processing
* The selection of materials for a wide range of engineering applications

The second edition includes a new chapter on the identification and classification of materials. New and expanded sections include durability, electrical testing, thermal expansion, links between properties and processes, and examples of the selection of materials. A greater range of property data is also included.

The coverage of Materials for Engineering has been matched to the requirements of the new specifications for the Advanced GNVQ compulsory unit, and remains the standard text for BTEC National.

chapter 1|5 pages


chapter 2|21 pages

Properties of materials

chapter 3|9 pages

Properties data

chapter 4|28 pages

Materials testing

chapter 5|37 pages

Structure and properties

chapter 6|33 pages

Processing of materials

chapter 7|18 pages