Mathematics for Engineering has been carefully designed to provide a maths course for a wide ability range, and does not go beyond the requirements of Advanced GNVQ. It is an ideal text for any pre-degree engineering course where students require revision of the basics and plenty of practice work.

Bill Bolton introduces the key concepts through examples set firmly in engineering contexts, which students will find relevant and motivating.

The second edition has been carefully matched to the Curriculum 2000 Advanced GNVQ units:
Applied Mathematics in Engineering (compulsory unit 5)
Further Mathematics for Engineering (Edexcel option unit 13)
Further Applied Mathematics for Engineering (AQA / City & Guilds option unit 25)

A new introductory section on number and mensuration has been added, as well as a new section on series and some further material on applications of differentiation and definite integration.

Bill Bolton is a leading author of college texts in engineering and other technical subjects. As well as being a lecturer for many years, he has also been Head of Research, Development and Monitoring at BTEC and acted as a consultant for the Further Education Unit.

part |28 pages

Section A Number and mensuration

chapter |10 pages

Number and units

chapter |17 pages


part |62 pages


chapter |15 pages

Algebraic equations

chapter |12 pages

Linear equations

chapter |14 pages

Quadratic equations

chapter |20 pages

Equations in action

part |38 pages

Further algebra

chapter |15 pages

Sequences and series

chapter |13 pages


chapter |9 pages


part |48 pages


chapter |27 pages

Trigonometric ratios

chapter |5 pages

Further trigonometry

chapter |15 pages


part |74 pages


chapter |20 pages


chapter |7 pages

Straight-line motion

chapter |16 pages

Linear graphs

chapter |6 pages

Polar coordinates

chapter |24 pages

Alternating waveforms

part |61 pages


chapter |17 pages


chapter |5 pages

Further differentiation

chapter |8 pages

Maxima and minima

chapter |12 pages


chapter |18 pages

Calculus in action

chapter |25 pages