Learning Autodesk 3ds Max XXXX Essentials is a superb end-to-end reference that provides users with complete info on all of the features and options available in the latest version of 3ds Max, so that users can learn how to use 3ds Max confidently in a production environment. Each chapter offers a series of lessons - which introduce the functional areas of Max and go over all associated features (with examples), and then a lab (which demonstrates a practical application of the lesson). Together, all of the lessons deliver and sound and complete approach to revealing the functions, features, and principles of 3ds Max XXXX. New Bonus section on MaxScript covering techniques for automating repetitive tasks and customizing 3ds Max to make you more productive.

The DVD includes: Project Scene & support files, Free models & texture maps from Turbo Squid, NEW!! HIGH VALUE: Autodesk product Sketchbook Pro (for character development) valued at $199.99 US.

part Chapter 01|147 pages

Getting Started

chapter Lesson 01|34 pages

User Interface

chapter Lesson 02|12 pages

Creating and Modifying Basic Objects

chapter Lesson 03|20 pages

Scene File Manipulation

chapter Lesson 04|14 pages

Selecting Objects

chapter Lesson 05|34 pages


chapter Lesson 06|28 pages

Object and Scene Organization

chapter Lesson 07|4 pages

Project Folders

part Chapter 02|255 pages


chapter Lesson 08|18 pages

Geometrical Object Types

chapter Lesson 09|20 pages

3D Parametric Objects

chapter Lesson 10|24 pages

Using the Modifier Stack

chapter Lesson 11|24 pages

Essential Modifiers

chapter Lesson 12|14 pages

Object Cloning

chapter Lesson 13|36 pages

Low Poly Modeling

chapter Lesson 14|20 pages

Creating Shapes

chapter Lesson 15|30 pages

Spline Editing

chapter Lesson 16|24 pages

Creating Objects from Splines

chapter Lesson 17|44 pages

Using Compound Objects

part Chapter 03|121 pages


chapter Lesson 18|28 pages

Light Types

chapter Lesson 19|16 pages

Simple Lighting Setup

chapter Lesson 20|8 pages

Lighting Tools

chapter Lesson 22|26 pages

Simulating Sunlight

chapter Lesson 23|28 pages

Lighting Effects

part Chapter 04|85 pages


chapter Lesson 24|14 pages

Working with the Material Editor

chapter Lesson 25|10 pages

Material Types

chapter Lesson 26|26 pages

Using Predefined ProMaterials

chapter Lesson 27|30 pages

Using Maps