Aperture is a dedicated end-to-end workflow tool for photographers and this book guides the reader through the complete process from capture to output.

The beauty of Aperture is that - unlike Adobe's rival workflow software, Lightroom - it doesn't force a particular structure or workflow on to the user. This more open-ended approach means it is becoming increasingly popular with photographers - but also means that there is a lot to learn for a newcomer to the software.

Whether you are cataloging, organising and adding Metadata to thousands of RAW files; selecting, cropping and correcting an individual image or preparing files for final output to web or print, this book provides a complete reference for producing high-quality results with Aperture.

chapter 1|26 pages

Camera Raw

chapter 2|46 pages

How Aperture Works

chapter 3|38 pages

Managing Your Images

chapter 4|32 pages

Working with Metadata

chapter 5|64 pages

Adjusting Images

chapter 6|34 pages

Aperture Workflow

chapter 7|34 pages

Working with Other Applications

chapter 8|44 pages