The renewable energy field is an area of rapid growth with many government initiatives in place to encourage mainstream take-up of energy-saving technologies in buildings.

In the UK, over 100,000 students per year undertake plumbing and electrical installation vocational courses that will be directly affected by these developments. More importantly, there will be an even greater number of professionals studying toward renewable energy installation and inspection courses that need this information.

This new book from bestselling author Chris Kitcher provides an overview of all of the latest technologies and how they can be incorporated. Students and professionals will use it on a range of courses and as a reference on-site.

chapter 1|56 pages

Solar photovoltaic systems

chapter 2|26 pages

Solar thermal heating

chapter 3|28 pages

Domestic wind turbines

chapter 4|30 pages

Heat pumps

chapter 5|8 pages

Combined heat and power units (CHPs)