Analysing Stasi files and interviews with one time informers, the author examines the confrontation with this legacy in united Germany. She discusses the daily machinations of the state and the motivation and justification of being an informer.

chapter |18 pages


Beginnings of a societal debate

chapter |16 pages

‘A Completely Normal Biography'? (A-3)

chapter |6 pages

The Recruitment Process

A work of art

chapter |11 pages

On Motivation

chapter |14 pages

Between Theory and Practice

A day in the life of a Stasi informer

chapter |9 pages

‘If Only I Had Known'

Breaking the bond

chapter |11 pages

Politicians as Informers

chapter |8 pages

Justice and the Law

chapter |13 pages

The Guilt Continuum

Defining degrees of conformity and resistance

chapter |18 pages

Looking Back

chapter |8 pages

Re-Acquisition of Biography