The political changes of recent years and the problems of poverty, the environment and nationalism have led to calls for the establishment of a just world order. But what would such a world be like? This book considers the concept of international justice as it has developed in traditional political theory from Hobbes to Marx and in contemporary writing on the subject. It develops a theory of international justice designed to take account of both individual freedom and the differences among communities.

part |84 pages

Part I From a cosmopolitan point of view

chapter chapter 1|17 pages

Being realistic

chapter chapter 2|18 pages

Achieving perpetual peace: Kant's universal history

chapter chapter 3|12 pages

Marxism and international relations

chapter chapter 5|17 pages

Cosmopolitan justice in a world state

part |79 pages

Part II From a communitarian point of view

chapter chapter 6|17 pages

The state as a community

chapter chapter 7|19 pages

Democratic communities

chapter chapter 8|20 pages

The nation as a community

chapter chapter 9|21 pages

Towards a just world order