This book highlights issues which underpin the professional capabilities of existing and aspiring subject leaders. The content is designed to build on the skills, knowledge, understanding and attributes which serving Heads of Department and subject co-ordinators already possess. Sections are provided on:
*essential knowledge and understanding for the role
*strategic planning and development
*monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning
*leading and managing staff to raise achievement.
The emphasis throughout is on corresponding with the National Standards set by the Teacher Training Agency. Through focused activities the book aims to set challenges in practical contexts and to help subject leaders to plan ahead and improve subject provision in order to raise standards.

chapter |11 pages


Effective Subject Leadership

part I|62 pages

Essential Knowledge And Understanding For Subject Leadership

part II|74 pages

Strategic Leadership And The Improvement Of The School

part IV|29 pages

Leading And Managing Staff To Raise Achievement

chapter 12|13 pages


part V|15 pages

Looking Ahead