Guillermo Gómez-Peña has spent many years developing his unique style of performance-activism; his theatricalizations of postcolonial theory. In Ethno-Techno: Writings on Performance, Activism and Pedagogy, he pushes the boundaries still further, exploring what's left for artists to do in a post-9/11 repressive culture of what he calls 'the mainstream bizarre'.

Over forty-five photos document his artistic experiments and the text not only explores and confronts his political and philosophical parameters; it offers groundbreaking insights into his, and his company's, methods of production, development and teaching.

The result is an extraordinary and inspiring glimpse into the life and work of one of the most daring, innovative and challenging performance artists of our age.

part Track One|71 pages

Introductory Essays And Chronicles

chapter 1|14 pages

On The Other Side Of The Mexican Mirror

(Essay/Chronicle, 2003. Revised 2004)

chapter 2|26 pages

In Defense Of Performance

(Essay/Chronicle, 2003)

chapter 3|20 pages


Performing Against The Cultural Backdrop Of The Mainstream Bizarre

part Track Two|65 pages


chapter 5|18 pages


The Performance Activism And Oppositional Art Of La Pocha Nostra

part Track Three|31 pages

Performance Radio

chapter 7|3 pages

Letter To An Unknown Thief

chapter 11|4 pages

Postcards From Alaska

A Chilling Tale Of Performance Artists In The Snow

chapter 12|2 pages

Touring In Times Of War

chapter 13|2 pages

On Dual Citizenship

chapter 14|3 pages

My Evil Twin

chapter 15|3 pages

Saddam In Hollywood

chapter 16|3 pages

Frida Lite Or Fat-Free Dah

part Track Five|51 pages

Conversation With Theorists

chapter 23|14 pages

Theatricalizations Of Postcolonial Theory

A Colombian Philosopher Interviews A Chicano Performance Artist

chapter 24|12 pages

The Minefields Of Utopia

A Dialogue On The Dangers Of Artistic Collaboration

chapter 25|12 pages

The Minefields Of Dystopia

The Pervasive Effects Of 9/11

chapter 26|9 pages

Loose Ends

The Fluid Borders Between Author And Editor