A pedagogy of teacher education must go well beyond the simple delivery of information about teaching. This book describes and explores the complex nature of teaching and of learning about teaching, illustrating how important teacher educators' professional knowledge is and how that knowledge must influence teacher training practices.

The book is divided into two sections. The first considers the crucial distinction between teaching student-teachers and teaching them about teaching, allowing practice to push beyond the technical-rational, or tips-and-tricks approach, to teaching about teaching in a way that brings in the appropriate attitudes, knowledge and skills of teaching itself. Section two highlights the dual nature of student teachers’ learning, arguing that they need to concentrate not only on learning what is being taught but also on the way in which that teaching is conducted.

chapter |10 pages


Developing a pedagogy of teacher education – What does that really mean?

part |90 pages

Teaching about teaching

chapter |17 pages

Being a teacher educator

A focus on pedagogy

chapter |13 pages


A problematic enterprise

chapter |20 pages

Making the tacit explicit

chapter |19 pages

A shared language

Conceptualizing knowledge for a pedagogy of teacher education

chapter |19 pages

Principles of practice

part |77 pages

Learning about teaching

chapter |19 pages

Being a student of teaching

chapter |13 pages

From student to teacher

The place of effective reflective practice

chapter |10 pages

Student-teacher as researcher

Recognizing and valuing the development of professional knowledge

chapter |16 pages

Learning through experience

Students of teaching researching their own practice

chapter |5 pages


Enacting a pedagogy of teacher education