Although shortlived, Lysimachus' Hellespontine empire foreshadowed those of Pergamum and Byzantium. Lund's book sets his actions significantly within the context of the volatile early Hellenistic world and views them as part of a continuum of imperial rule in Asia minor. She challenges the assumption that he was a vicious, but ultimately incompetent tyrant.

chapter |18 pages

The Road To Babylon

Family background, early career and 'character'

chapter |32 pages

Thrace and Pontus

chapter |29 pages

The Acquisition of Empire

Ambition, enmity and alliance

chapter |46 pages

Governor of the Greeks

chapter |31 pages

Kingship, Cult And Court

chapter |23 pages

Scheming Women and Senile Decay?

The last days of Lysimachus