First published in 2000. This book aims to study the shifting identity of Japanese returnees(kikokushijo) within a migrational context. The core findings, based on literature and fieldwork in Brussels and Japan.

chapter |6 pages


chapter |56 pages

Theoretical and Methodological Issues

part |20 pages

At the Macro Level

chapter |19 pages

In Search of an Ethnonational Identity

The Historical Perspective

chapter |22 pages

Nihonbunkaron in the Postwar Era

chapter |14 pages


The Outward Migratory Movement of the Japanese

chapter |14 pages

Migrant Workers in Japan

part |34 pages

At the Median Level

chapter |33 pages

Centrality of Japanese Education

chapter |15 pages

Social Construction of Kikokushijo

chapter |22 pages

The Host Society

part |44 pages

At the Micro Level

chapter |43 pages

A Returnee Family

chapter |44 pages

Returnees and their School in Brussels

chapter |7 pages