First published in 2005. J. Theodore Bent, well established as a travel writer and archaeologist, made seven journeys in all around the southern part of Arabia including Oman and Dhofar. Accompanied always by his wife, the author devoted the last years of his life to observation and travel in these lands. This account of the couple's travels, first published in 1899, two years after Bent's death, is a fascinating picture of the lands, peoples and history of Southern Arabia.

chapter |50 pages

Southern Arabia

chapter |28 pages


chapter |164 pages

The Hadhramout

chapter |66 pages

Dhofar and the Gara Mountains

chapter |62 pages

An African Interlude: The Eastern Soudan

chapter |68 pages

The Mahri Island of Sokotra

chapter |46 pages

Beled Fadhli and Beled Yafei