First Published in 2005. This book constitutes the continuation and complement of a work, The Chatham House Version and Other Middle-Eastern Studies, published in 1970. Both works are concerned with certain themes prominent in recent middle-eastern history, namely the influence of great-power, and particularly British policies in the region; the character of middle-eastern, and particularly Arab, politics and political thought during the last hundred years or so; and the fate of so-called minorities, and particularly the Jews of the Arab world, caught as they were in the cross-fire of antagonistic ideologies and of international conflicts.

chapter |20 pages

The Death of Adib Ishaq

chapter |17 pages

The Politics of Political Literature

Kawakabi, Azoury and Jung

chapter |8 pages

Arabs Ancient and Modern

chapter |7 pages

The Apprentice Sorcerers

chapter |29 pages

Arabic Political Memoirs

chapter |12 pages

Anti-Marxism in Egypt

chapter |13 pages

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

chapter |5 pages

Sir Hugh Foot's Memoirs

chapter |10 pages

The Jews of Baghdad in 1910