Scotland has a parliament for the first time in almost 300 years, and this book is an account of how this came about. The authors trace the origins and history of the demand for home rule in Scotland, focusing particularly on developments following the failure of the first referendum on the issue in 1979, which culminated in a second referendum in September 1997.
This major political event attracted national and international interest, and its decisive result was a milestone in Scottish history. This work presents an analysis of the referendum campaign at both national and local levels, including media coverage of the event and the outcome. The reactions of voters are explored on the basis of a large survey of the electorate, and lessons to be learnt about referendums in the UK and elsewhere are discussed.

chapter |24 pages

2 The Politics of Devolution 1979–97

chapter |27 pages

3 The National Campaign 1

chapter |23 pages

4 The Scottish Media and the Referendum

chapter |22 pages

5 Local Campaigning in the Referendum

chapter |21 pages

6 The Referendum Results

chapter |28 pages

7 Voting in the Referendum

chapter |16 pages

8 The Referendum in Context

chapter |18 pages

9 The Aftermath of the Referendum