Adults now constitute the majority of students in higher education; what they bring to it, want and need are important questions in the development of a more responsive higher education. The author discusses The Relationship Between Motives, Education, And Life History To Explore how culture and history shape people and their motives for learning, taking into account variations in gender, social background and ethnicity, challenging the orthodox view that non-traditional students enter higher educational for vocational/material reasons.

chapter |16 pages

Thinking of Fragments

chapter |14 pages

On Becoming a Solicitor

The Problem of Stated Reasons

chapter |25 pages

Telling Stories

Brenda and Paul

chapter |23 pages

Men Talking on the Medway

chapter |20 pages

Men Talking

Thanet and the Poetic Object of Fishing

chapter |17 pages

Partners in Change

chapter |18 pages

Border Country

chapter |20 pages

East and West

chapter |19 pages

Red Pens and Relationships

Retrospect and Prospects in Higher Education

chapter |13 pages

Beyond Fragments?