Develop the untapped possibilities of this potential tourist El Dorado!Given its size, location, cultural attractions, and natural beauty, South America gets far less of the international tourist dollar than it deserves. This valuable book identifies and explores the major issues that influence and shape tourism in South America. Tourism in South America includes original empirical research into the image people have of this varied continent, the factors that draw people to visit South America, and the fears, lack of knowledge, and negative images that can keep tourists away.Tourism in South America examines current practices and suggests alternative models of development. Its informative discussions range from cultural tourism to sustainable tourism to developing human resources. The original empirical research in this volume offers unique insights, and reference notes are included.The reader will encounter varied points of view in Tourism in South America. You can expect to:

  • view Australian travel industry perspectives on Latin American tourism
  • explore the impact of tourism on the Argentina's Patagonian Coast
  • examine the environmental tactics that Mexican and Jamaican hotel companies employ
  • survey the recreation preferences of hikers in a Colombian National Park
  • ponder the implications of performing traditional dances for modern tourists in the Amazon

    Tour operators, hotel managers, local tourism boards, and others seeking the attention of tourists will profit from the new strategies and original research presented in Tourism in South America.

chapter |22 pages

Tourism in South America: A Brief Overview

Gui Santana

chapter |20 pages

Latin American Tourism: An Australian Travel Industry Perspective

Frank Costa Thomas G. Bauer

chapter |10 pages

Management of Conservation in Spaces of Recreational Use

Matilde Encabo Gabriela Torre Ana Bergallo

chapter |20 pages

The Impact of Tourism on the Patagonian Coast, Argentina

Regina Schlüter erable interest when the nature-directed tourist boom took place. This paper is based on an analysis of literature pertaining to the impact of

chapter |26 pages

A Framework for Human Resources Development Strategy at the Macro-Level: A Situational Analysis of Tourism Human Resources in Bahia, Brazil

Lionel Bécherel SUMMARY. This article focuses on human resources development

chapter |12 pages

El Camino Inca: A Profile of Cuzco Tourists

Pierre L. van den Berghe

chapter |18 pages

Environmental Tactics Used by Hotel Companies in Mexico

Guadalupe Revilla Tim H. Dodd Linda C. Hoover

chapter |14 pages

Introducting Environmental Management in the Hotel Industry: A Case Study of Jamaica

Bill Meade Antonio del Monaco