This book presents an approach to the teaching of mathematics that departs radically from conventional prescription-oriented and management-based methods.  It brings together recent developments in such diverse fields as continental and pragmatist philosophy, enactivist thought, critical discourses, cognitive theory, evolution, ecology, and mathematics, and challenges the assumptions that permeate much of mathematics teaching. The discussion focuses on the language used to frame the role of the teacher and is developed around the commonsense distinctions drawn between thought and action, subject and object, individual and collective, fact and fiction, teacher and student, and classroom tasks and real life. The discussion also addresses the question of how mathematics teaching can be reformed to better suit current academic and social climates. Making use of the theoretical framework of enactivism, the book explores the subject through an account of a middle school teacher's appreciation and understanding of her role. Teaching mathematics, as both the report of this teacher's experience and the discussion make clear, demands an embracing of ambiguity, uncertainty, complexity, and moral responsibility. Courses for Adoption <br>Education: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, Methods for Teaching Elementary Schools, Methods for Teaching Secondary Schools, Curriculum Studies, Critical Pedagogy Special Features *Elucidates the importance and relationship between theory and practice. Employs reflective teaching techniques to focus students on their own learning, knowledge, and understanding of mathematics.Details a collaborative venture that traces the development of new thinking and insights about math teaching and learning. *A fine blending of theory with practice.

part Chapter 1|53 pages

Close Your Eyes and Listen

chapter Section A|14 pages


chapter Section B|17 pages


chapter Section C|21 pages


part Chapter 2|73 pages

An Ear to the Ground

chapter Section A|27 pages


chapter Section B|18 pages

Mathematics Curriculum

chapter Section C|27 pages

Mathematics Curriculum Anticipating

part Chapter 3|48 pages

Stood on One's Ear

chapter Section A|20 pages

Culture Making

The Place of Education

chapter Section B|14 pages


The Place of the Teacher

chapter Section C|13 pages


Where Teaching Takes Place

part Chapter 4|49 pages

All Ears

chapter Section A|17 pages


chapter Section B|16 pages

Understanding and Meaning

chapter Section C|15 pages


part Chapter 5|47 pages

Playing It by Ear

chapter Section A|12 pages

The Nature of Teaching

chapter Section B|18 pages


chapter Section C|16 pages

Mathematics Teaching as Listening

part |7 pages

Back Word Listening to Reason

chapter |6 pages

Listening to Reason