Here is an essential introductory guide on all aspects of law librarianship written especially for non-law librarians, library school students, and beginning law librarians. Although there are several excellent practical handbooks and numerous articles on specific topics of law librarianship for practicing law librarians, Basics of Law Librarianship is the only resource that addresses the information needs of the student or new law librarian. Author Deborah Panella, managing librarian of a large, prominent New York law firm, explores the major areas of law librarianship. She covers vital topics such as the legal clientele, collection development, research tools, technical services, impact of technology, and management issues, and describes what makes law libraries different from other special libraries. She has written a clear, readable volume without excessive detail or the use of special terminology. The bibliography of law library literature and the index add enormously to the book’s value as a major reference.

chapter 1|9 pages

The History and Nature of Law Libraries

chapter 3|9 pages

Collection Development

chapter 4|8 pages

Technical Services

chapter 5|10 pages

User Services

chapter 6|6 pages

The Impact of Technology on Law Libraries

chapter 7|18 pages

Management Issues

chapter 8|10 pages

Personnel and Staffing Issues

chapter 9|11 pages

Special Issues for Law Firm Libraries

chapter 10|8 pages

Special Issues for Academic Law Libraries