Searching for an introduction to the shadowy, intriguing world of early 20th century gay-themed fiction?

In Lost Gay Novels, respected pop culture historian Anthony Slide resurrects fifty early 20th century American novels with gay themes or characters and discusses them in carefully researched, engaging prose. Each entry offers you a detailed discussion of plot and characters, a summary of contemporary critical reception, and biographical information on the often-obscure writer. In Lost Gay Novels, another aspect of gay life and society is, in the words the author, “uncloseted,” providing you with an absorbing glimpse into the world of these nearly forgotten books.

Lost Gay Novels gives you an introduction to:

  • authors who aren't usually associated with homosexuality, including John Buchan, James M. Cain, and Rex Stout
  • the history of gay publishing in the US and abroad
  • gay themes in novels published between 1917 and 1950—with entries from nearly every year!
  • the ways in which the popular culture of the time shaped the authors' attitudes toward homosexuality
  • the difficulty of finding detailed biographical information on little-known authors
If you're interested in gay studies or history, or even if you're just looking for a comprehensive guide to titles you've probably never heard of before, Lost Gay Novels will be a welcome addition to your collection. The introduction from author Slide—called by the Los Angeles Times “a one-man publishing phenomenon”—provides you with an overview to the basics of this landmark collection. Themes found in many of the titles include death, secrecy, and living a double life, and in reading the entries you will discover just why these themes are so common.

As Slide says in his introduction: “The approach of the novelist toward homosexuality may not always be a positive one… but the works are important to an understanding of contemporary attitudes toward gay men and gay society.” Lost Gay Novels will help you further your own understanding of the dynamic relationship between literature and culture, and you will finish the book with a greater appreciation of modern American gay fiction.

chapter |5 pages


chapter 1|3 pages

James Barr, Quatrefoil

chapter 2|4 pages

Larry Barretto, the Great Light

chapter 3|5 pages

Stuart Benton, All Things Human

chapter 4|3 pages

Alvah Bessie, Dwell in the Wilderness

chapter 5|4 pages

André Birabeau, Revelation

chapter 6|3 pages

Isabel Bolton, the Christmas Tree

chapter 7|3 pages

Vance Bourjaily, the End of My Life

chapter 9|4 pages

Myron Brinig, This Man Is My Brother

chapter 10|5 pages

Richard Brooks, the Brick Foxhole

chapter 11|3 pages

John Buchan, Greenmantle

chapter 12|5 pages

John Horne Burns, the Gallery

chapter 13|5 pages

James M. Cain, Serenade

chapter 14|5 pages

Clarkson Crane, the Western Shore

chapter 15|3 pages

Hubert Creekmore, the Welcome

chapter 16|2 pages

George Davis, the Opening of a Door

chapter 17|4 pages

Michael De Forrest, the Gay Year

chapter 18|5 pages

Harrison Dowd, the Night Air

chapter 20|4 pages

Stuart Engstrand, the Sling and the Arrow

chapter 21|4 pages

John Evans, Shadows Flying

chapter 22|4 pages

Waldo Frank, the Dark Mother

chapter 23|3 pages

Ernest Frost, the Dark Peninsula

chapter 24|4 pages

Henry Blake Fuller, Bertram Cope’s Year

chapter 25|3 pages

Richard Hull, the Murder of My Aunt

chapter 26|6 pages

Charles Jackson, the Fall of Valor

chapter 27|4 pages

Nial Kent, the Divided Path

chapter 28|3 pages

Lew Levenson, Butterfly Man

chapter 29|2 pages

Jean Lyttle, Sheila Lacey

chapter 30|2 pages

Harlan Cozad Mcintosh, This Fine Shadow

chapter 31|3 pages

Compton Mackenzie, Vestal Fire

chapter 32|4 pages

William Maxwell, the Folded Leaf

chapter 33|5 pages

Richard Meeker, Better Angel

chapter 34|5 pages

Ernest Milton, to Kiss the Crocodile

chapter 35|2 pages

Willard Motley, Knock on Any Door

chapter 36|4 pages

Blair Niles, Strange Brother

chapter 37|2 pages

Eugene O’brien, He Swung and He Missed

chapter 38|4 pages

Elliot Paul, Concert Pitch

chapter 39|4 pages

Thomas Hal Phillips, the Bitterweed Path

chapter 40|3 pages

Mary Renault, Promise of Love

chapter 41|3 pages

Janet Schane, the Dazzling Crystal

chapter 42|5 pages

Rex Stout, Forest Fire

chapter 44|5 pages

André Tellier, Twilight Men

chapter 45|4 pages

Ward Thomas, Stranger in the Land

chapter 46|6 pages

Loren Wahl, the Invisible Glass

chapter 48|4 pages

Denton Welch, Maiden Voyage

chapter 49|3 pages

Calder Willingham, End as a Man