First published in 2006. This book analyses the security policy pf the Russian Federation, internally as well as externally, at all levels of strategy. It describes military-political decision-making from Moscow's grand strategy to the use of single fighter aircraft in Chechnya. In this analysis, Russia's air forces are used as a model for all services of the armed forces.

chapter |9 pages


chapter |27 pages

Structure of Security Policy

Institutions, persons and their influence on policy

chapter |63 pages

Implementation of Security Policy

Generating Major Security Documents – National Security Concept, Foreign Policy Concept and Military Doctrine

chapter |27 pages

Structure of Air Power

Development, organization and status of air forces

chapter |45 pages

Implementation of Air Power – War Around Chechnya

The conflicts in Chechnya (1994–96), Dagestan (Autumn 1999), Chechnya (1999–) and an assessment of the use of air power

chapter |35 pages

Conclusions and Assessment