The Roads of Roman Italy offers a complete re-evaluation of both the evidence and the interpretation of Roman land transport. The book utilises archaeological, epigraphic and literary evidence for Roman communications, drawing on recent approaches to the human landscape developed by geographers. Among the topics considered are:
* the relationship between the road and the human landscape
* the administration and maintenance of the road system
* the role of roads as imperial monuments
* the economics of road construction and urban development.

chapter |10 pages


chapter |16 pages

Mastering Space

Road building 312–44 bc

chapter |20 pages

Technological Change

chapter |17 pages

Time and Distance

chapter |14 pages

Transport Economics

chapter |14 pages

Inland Waterways

chapter |13 pages

Mules and Muleteers

The scale of the transport economy

chapter |12 pages

A Mobile Culture?

chapter |15 pages

Tota Italia

Naming Italy

chapter |13 pages

Space-time in Roman Italy