This book deals with large-scale or macro-level instructional design, which is referred to by other authors variously as curriculum development, course design, training system design or instructional systems design.

The emphasis throughout the book is on the application of a systems approach, which implies both a way of thinking about the problem and a methodology for seeking and developing solutions. Thus the approach of the book is problem-oriented.

The successful problem-solver requires more than a technique or procedure. He requires experience of similar problems, some general principles that he can apply to the class of problems and a great deal of creativity to develop an optimal method of solving each problem. This book brings together the theories and practical experience that have been built up by instructional technologists over the last two decades, the techniques that are currently most used for the analysis of problems in education and for their solution, and a range of new ideas specially developed by the author to encourage the creative element (so often missing from educational materials).

This book is intended for anyone involved in instructional design. It is designed on a ‘grid’ structure to facilitate the reader’s choice of chapters. Those who wish to gain a general overview may concentrate on the chapters at the theory base and analysis levels. Those more practically concerned with course design will find much of use in the synthesis and evaluation levels. Those who wish simply to discover ‘what’s new’ in this book and its treatment of instructional design will find what they are seeking principally in the analysis and evaluation levels.

part I|77 pages

Define the Problem

part II|84 pages

Analyse the Problem

part III|236 pages


chapter 9|22 pages

Theories of Learning and Instruction

chapter 13|12 pages

The Four Levels of Instructional Design

chapter 14|11 pages

The Question of Sequence

chapter 15|32 pages

Strategies, Plans and Methods

chapter 16|15 pages


chapter 17|21 pages

Media Selection

chapter 18|6 pages


chapter 19|14 pages


chapter 20|19 pages

Why Projects Fail